What Exercises Help Reduce Belly Fat? The Hidden Secret Here

Why do many people do the wrong exercises for an attempt to lose the belly fat?

The focus is too much on the abdominal, but that's a big mistake. I want to show you how to truly reduce your stomach as well as over all body fat, because you can't lose weight in your tummy and not the rest of your body. When people lose weight they lose body fat as a whole, not just belly alone. Here are some exercises you may want to try:

Cardiovascular exercises also works to reduce total body fat including your most problem areas. If you really want to lose stomach fat fast, you should do more intensive exercises, but not to hurt yourself or cause any pain while doing it.

Some exercises you can work on is jumping rope, running on the treadmill, running fast outside, or even swimming is a great choice. Like I said, don't hurt yourself while trying to burn stomach fat, if you do one or more of these workouts daily or a few times a week, you will see dramatic results.

Try not to forget that you have to always eat well balanced meals everyday to see the results you are expecting to see. You don't want junk food or sugar get in your way of your rock hard abdominal.

Let's add some Muscle Mass

Okay to really lose the fat in shorter time, you should speed up your fat burning machine so you can burn calories at a great speed.

Do these muscle building exercises:

Do crunches on a stability ball
Chin ups
Do some squats
Chest presses
Weight overhead thrusts

Just have some fun and sweat all the time. If your heartbeat is going through the roof, I can tell you that you're doing great and achieving the abdominal of your dreams.

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Fat Loss 4 Idiots Book - Easy Ways to Lose Weight in Just a Few Weeks

Weight gain can lead to a lot of health problems so if you are one of those people who are tipping the weighing scale more than you should, you need to get back into shape as soon as possible. No, you do not have to go through a starvation diet just to lose weight and look good. The Fat Loss 4 Idiots Book can help you lose weight in just a few weeks without having to go through some terrible crash diets that can leave you feeling sick. The Fat Loss 4 Idiots Book gives sound advice on diet and exercise to people like you who are desperate to slim down and keep their weight in check.

Getting Into A Weight Loss Program

The Fat Loss 4 Idiots Book features a number of weight reduction programs that can help you shed off a few pounds. However, not all of such programs featured in the Fat Loss 4 Idiots Book are suitable for you so you need to read more about the different programs before you get into one of them. Study the advantages and the disadvantages of the different weight loss programs carefully. Choose a weight loss program that is easy to follow. As much as possible, you should stir away from that above mentioned programs than promise huge weight reduction in just a few days. Remember that drastic weight reduction is not healthy so make sure that you lose weight gradually.

To read actual consumers feedback and unbiased reviews of best products you can visit Fat Loss 4 Idiots book review page.

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Fat Loss - Speeding Up Your Diet Program

Weight Loss or Fat Loss?

I started with the above because many people, (including many doctors) when mentioning their fitness goals, state that they want to lose weight, when in fact the goal should be to LOSE FAT. Lose the fat and the scales will reflect it in overall weight loss. The reason I say LOSE FAT is because a smart Trainer knows that a person's muscle mass controls metabolism to a large degree, so It stands to reason that losing fat and keeping your muscle will help metabolism and speed your fat loss goals. Everyone who is trying to improve their health by reducing fat should keep this in mind. A person's training or exercise program should reflect this as well.

Everyone should include some training to increase their strength and muscle, along with their cardio training.Think of it this way.. every pound of muscle you put on could help to burn as much fat as if you added an extra 3-4 miles of walking to your program each week.

Before we go any further, let me dispel a common myth. Don't be afraid of putting on too much muscle... it just won't happen. To give you an example; when I first started training, I trained body builder style. I was 155 pounds at 6 feet tall and I wanted to be massive. I was told I had good genetics for body building and it still took me 5 years to reach my goal of 210 lean pounds. This was with very large calorie consumption and intense heavy workouts each day. Even at this weight I still just look "fit" when I have my clothes on. So have no fear of getting too big... even with great genetics, it won't happen.

Resistance training will help to improve your strength so you have less chance of accidentally pulling or tearing a muscle. It can help to reduce back pain. Stronger leg muscles can help support your knee joints and reduce chance of injury to that area. Stronger arms and shoulders can reduce the chance of rotator cuff or elbow injuries. The list goes on and on... The benefits of including some resistance training in your fat loss program far outweigh any negatives, in fact I can't think of any negative effect to come from a properly designed and supervised resistance program, other than the possible extra time commitment. Even then, there are ways to include resistance training with your cardio work. You could carry weights in your hands while walking, or wear ankle weights or a heavy back pack while you walk or run stairs. Use a little imagination and you can think of many ways to include resistance training in your fat loss workouts.

A final note; If you are one of the very, very rare few who seems to gain muscle just by looking at weights and you are getting more muscular than you want. Just reduce the amount of resistance you use and maintain your muscle mass where you like it. So Fat Loss, not just weight loss, should be your goal. Try it, and see if you don't start reaching your goals sooner.


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Easy Ab Exercises to Burn That Belly Fat

More often than not, we are becoming quite aware of our expanding waistlines. No matter how hard we workout, it seems that the layers of fat that have accumulated around our abdomen simply refuse to budge. But there are many easy ab exercises that can help you get rid of that stubborn belly fat. With the correct application of these simple routines, you can be on your way to winning your own battle with the bulge.

There are many ab workouts out there of varying levels of difficulty. Depending on your level of fitness, what one considers 'easy' can be 'hard' to someone else. To help you find the right ab routines for you, below is a list of easy ab exercises to choose from. Try them out and determine which suits your fitness level.

The Tummy Isometric Crunch:

Stand erect as you inhale deeply and exhale focusing on your chest and not your stomach. When exhaling, pull in the stomach as deeply in as you can, imagining that you are pushing the belly button to your spine. Hold the position for about fifteen seconds. Relax and breathe. Repeat 10-25 times. This exercise causes you to hold back the muscles of the abdomen, which assists to tone and strengthen the area. As you can see, this exercise is easy to learn and can be done anywhere.

The Ab Bicycle Stomach Exercise:

Lie on the floor with your hands behind the head. Raise your feet a little in such a way that your knees are off the floor. Now lift your head bringing your left elbow and right knee together. Get back to the starting position. Repeat with the right elbow and left knee. Repeat a couple of times as you become familiar with the alternating movements.

The Knees to Chest Crunch:

This is especially beneficial for the muscles of the lower abdomen. Sit down with your hands on either side of the body. Raise your legs and curl your knees as closely as you possibly can towards your chest. You will feel the ab muscles straining. Get back to original pose and repeat the movement.

Hula Hooping:

That's right, the hula hoop is an excellent way to have fun and work those abs. Purchase a hula hoop preferably one that that is weighted and use it for at least 15 to 20 seconds at a time totaling to 10 minutes every day. It can be done while watching the television, so that you do not miss out on favorite shows and get to toning your abs at the same time.

Torso twists:

The torso twists help to tighten the abs while the body is moved from side to side. Stand with knees bent and arms spread out on both sides. Now do a sweeping motion to one side and then to the other. To ensure that the muscles of the abdomen are really being utilized, the hips must be kept steady without movement as the twist is being performed.

One point to remember when doing any of these easy ab exercises is to keep breathing. The tendency to hold your breath is difficult to resist when doing the workouts, but breathing while performing exercises is an essential for them to be effective. Inhale when the muscles are relaxed and exhale when they are taut.

In addition there is another important factor to remember when attempting to reduce your abdominal fat. The exercise must go hand in hand with a healthy and balanced diet. Without this balance, all of your efforts will become an uphill battle. Keep a record of your progress and your dietary habits, so that you will know what routines suit you most. Remember that no two people have the same metabolism and each person responds differently to different exercises.

To encourage you keep with your new fitness routine, it can be helpful to set small goals that mark your progress. For instance, you can set a goal to complete your new routine 3 times a week. This may not seem like a lot at first. Like any new behavior, it needs to be incorporated into your life on a regular basis. If you find that this set of easy ab exercises do not suit you, keep looking as there are many options that are quite good and are worth trying.

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Healthy Foods - Complex Carbohydrates Chemistry

An important key to controlling the way you want your body to look is to have a clear understanding of the simple chemistry of any food that you consume. Learning and understanding on how food can affect the body will help you to reprogram your body's metabolism and keep your ideal body weight at any level you desire for the rest of your days. To do this there are three categories of foods and each plays an integral role in helping your body to effectively lose weight.

*Carbohydrates will break down to sugar and provide fuel for the body, muscles and this group includes fruits, vegetables and grains. These grains are regularly found in bread and pasta.

*Protein is an important factor for regular maintenance of muscle tissue, hair and the vital organs in your body. The proteins needed for your body can be found in fish, meat and poultry.

*Fat is essential to controlling your metabolic rate and vital systems in your body and this can be found in nuts, dairy and animal fat such as beef, poultry and pork products.

The above mentioned play an important role in a weight loss program and so you must try to understand what each category can and will do in keeping your body fit and healthy. In this article we will focus our attention on carbohydrates as these are often misunderstood and the information will clearly detail the benefits and the role carbohydrates play in a weight loss program.

Simple carbohydrates are foods that will increase your weight, add inches to your belly and waist. These are foods laced with sugar such as fruit juice, soft drinks or any other product labeled as being fat-free. These sugars will often cause a spike to your insulin levels and tells your body to store the calories you consume instead of burning them as energy. This spike can often slow your metabolism and may lead to stopping your body from burning the fat and prevent any weight loss.

Complex carbohydrates on the other hand are beneficial in weight loss and the list of foods are potatoes, rice and oatmeal. The opposite can be said for beans, corn and pastas.

It is important that you include the right carbohydrates to lose weight and include the right food groups in your weight loss plan. If you ignore the body's needs for carbohydrates, your body will essentially turn to its muscle tissue for energy and you will lose muscle instead of the fat. When the body feeds off from the muscle it is called catabolism and may cause the body to shut down.

Carbohydrates are vital to keeping the body functioning and is what fuels the muscles, body and help you to lose weight. The best choice for losing weight is the complex carbohydrates and should include an exercise program to go hand in hand with your diet plan.

What ever plan you decide to follow in losing weight be sure that you clearly understand what each category plays in your healthy weight loss plan and be sure to visit your physician before attempting any weight loss or exercise program.

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Cardio to Lose Belly Fat

What you are about to here will probably fly in the face of all you have ever been told about cardio for losing belly fat. Cardio exercises like running or the Stairmaster are good for losing belly fat. However, they are not the best and, ultimately, there are even better exercises for losing belly fat than cardio.

But first let's dispel the myth that you can spot reduce fat on your belly. It can't be done. You need to reduce your overall body fat percentage in order to see results on your belly. It is true that, if you run three miles you are going to burn more calories than if you do ten one hundred meter wind sprints. However, the sprints cause your body to exert such effort that it goes into a metabolic shock for days after that. This causes you to burn more calories even while you are resting. So, if you want to do cardio to lose belly fat be sure to include sprints.

OK, so here's the really surprising thing. Weight lifting is an even better form of exercise to lose belly fat. Why? Because the more muscle you build the more fat you burn.

But the types of exercises you do will also have an effect on home much fat you will be burning. If you are doing curls or leg extensions you are building muscle for sure. But, you are only using one set of muscles at a time. To throw your body into a state of metabolic shock you need to do exercises like dead lifts, bench presses and squats because they use multiple muscle groups at the same time.

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Burpees For Fat Loss - Fat Loss Workouts

Using burpees for fat loss is a great challenge and one that will deliver a very quick result.

In short a burpee is where you start standing, squat down, go into a pushup position, come back into the squat position and then back to standing. Sounds easy enough right?

Simple exercises lead themselves to challenging workouts however! Because the exercise is simple in nature, it is very safe to use for high repetitions, high intensity and high fatigue. That doesn't mean you can completely disregard your technique though, don't let your hips sag in the push up position and if your back, shoulders or knees start hurting drop it back a little.

Burpees For Fat Loss: Sample Workouts

Tabatas: Using this format is a fast and challenging way to workout. The 'tabata protocol' has you perform eight rounds of twenty seconds of maximum intensity with 10 seconds rest. So it will look like this; burpees for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, repeat another seven times. Sounds easy enough right, give it a go and let me know what you think!

The key with using this format of training is that the 20 seconds of work has to be everything you've got. You won't get the same fat burning results if you cruise through the work period. By the end of this four minutes you should be spent!

100 Rep Challenge: Once again, simple in design but you need to be careful of any workout that involves the word 'challenge'!! As you might have guessed you will be doing 100 repetitions of burpees for time. 100 burpees in 10 minutes is OK, 5 minutes is good and anything less is fantastic. If you are knocking these out in quick time, try some of the harder burpee variations.

Ladders: As with a regular ladder, you can either climb up or climb down. This works well pairing the burpee with another exercise such as shadow boxing for time, or just with a rest in between 'sets'. Going up the ladder will look like this: 1 burpee followed by 10 seconds rest or shadow boxing, 2 burpees rest or shadow box, 3 burpees etc. Coming down the ladder you will start at 10, 15 or 20 burpees and work your way back down to 1. One up to 10 (or 10 down to one) will give you 55 repetitions in total and is a great number to start with.

The best way to add burpees for fat loss into your workout routine is to do them as a finisher after your regular weight session, or you can do them on a separate day for extra conditioning. Pick one of the methods above and use it for a couple of weeks and try to add repetitions (tabatas or ladders), decrease your times (100 rep challenge, ladder) or increase the difficulty of the burpee variation! All in all they will be a great addition to your fat loss workouts and also boost your fitness quicker than most traditional methods.

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What Is the Best Way to Burn Belly Fat?

Burning belly fat is one of the main reasons people start to exercise or join a gym. The majority of people will do this the completely wrong way. There are ways you can do this more effectively. Firstly, let us clear up this simple fact that you cannot spot reduce. This means you cannot burn fat around a specific area of your body. You cannot just burn it off your arms, just off your legs or just off your stomach. The basic principle of weight loss or burning fat is to burn more calories than you are consuming. This will enable you to burn fat through your whole body and not just a specific area.

If you target specific muscles such as doing sit ups then you are working your abdominal muscles and burning a small amount of calories, that is what tricks people. They believe they are burning fat from their stomach by doing stomach exercises. The truth is that you must burn the most calories you can to burn the most fat as you can, which remember is taken from your whole body. So, you must do exercises which burn the most amount of calories. Sit ups and abdominal exercises are not the best exercises to burn the most energy.

Exercises which burn the most energy are resistance exercises and compound high intensity cardio exercises. Some examples of these are squats, press ups, burpees, lunges, pull ups, skipping and shoulder press. These exercises will burn far more energy than doing sit ups and other abdominal exercises. Through burning more energy and consuming the right amount of calories will cause your body to start burning dat which will come from all over your body. Even if you do not do any stomach exercises you will still be burning body fat.

So, the best way you can start burning more fat from your body is to burn as many calories as you can. Get rid of the exercises which do not burn many calories and add in exercises which will give you maximum results for the time you are putting into your training sessions. You will also raise your metabolism through resistance training so that you naturally burn more calories because of the extra muscle tone your body has.

With that said, the correct type of training will help boost your results but it does not end there as your training will only account for 20 percent of your results. The other 80 percent will come from the food you eat. If you are eating junk then you will not get the results you want, you may not even get any results. This is because you cannot out train a bad diet because the nutrition aspect is far more important to get the results you need.

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Five Quick and Easy Abdominal Exercises You Can Do at Home

If you are one of the many who are desperately trying to tone your abdominal muscles, you might have already found out that the fats in the stomach are some of those that are most stubborn and hardest to lose. Some may think finally getting a six-pack or at least a flat stomach entails the use of highly sophisticated and complicated machines that can also be quite costly. That doesn't have to be the case, though. Here is a list of five quick and easy abdominal fat loss exercises that you can do in the comfort of your home that can help speed up you abdominal fat and weight loss process.

1. Bicycle Crunch Exercise. To do this, start by lying flat on your back on the floor. Put your hands beside your head then raise the knees to up to 45 degrees angle and then perform a pedaling motion much like what you do when riding a bicycle. While doing this, make sure to touch your left elbow to your right knee, and then vice versa. Do this to the count of ten and repeat at least 10 times, making sure to relax after each repetition.

2. Crunches. Crunches are one of the most popular exercises that aid fat and weight loss in the abdominal area. To start, lie flat on the floor or on an exercise ball, with your stomach sucked in and your eyes kept to the ceiling. Raise your upper body off the ground or the ball until it is at a 45-degree angle with the floor. Hold this position for two to three seconds before returning to starting position. Do three sets of ten to 15 repetitions of this fat and weight loss exercise.

You can also do a variation of the crunches by doing double crunches, which are essentially crunches combined with knee raises. This exercise promotes fat and weight loss in the lower abdominal region. To do double crunches, lie flat on your back with legs raised and knees bent at a 90 degree angle and parallel to the floor. Raise your upper body up to a 45 degree angle from the floor. Hold this position for two to three seconds. Do three sets of ten to 15 repetitions.

3. Standing Side Bends. Standing side bends encourages fat and weight loss in the oblique muscles. To start, stand up straight with your stomach sucked in, your legs straight and your hands at your sides. Then simply lean your body from left to right being careful not to rotate the hips and while keeping your upper body facing front. Do three sets consisting of ten to 15 repetitions.

A variation of standing side bends is the torso twist. Do the first steps required in the standing side bends exercise, but instead of bending side to side, twist or rotate your upper body from left to right while keeping legs straight. Perform three sets of ten to 15 repetitions. This exercise develops both the internal and external obliques.

4. Leg Lifts. To do leg lift exercises, lie flat on your back and then lift one leg up high, depending on what you can manage. Remain in this position for three counts, and then lower the leg. Do the same for the other leg. Finally, raise both legs high over your middle, hold the position for three counts, and then lower both legs. Do the exercise at least ten times.

5. Cat Stretch. Have you seen how a cat stretches out its back? This simple action is actually a quick and easy exercise that advances fat and weight loss in the abdominal area which you yourself can do at home. To start, get down on the floor on your hand and knees, with muscles relaxed and while looking straight ahead. Next, tighten your abdominal muscles while thrusting your back upward as far as you can. Hold this position for five counts before lowering your back. Repeat this exercise at least 25 times.

With these exercises, who says you have to hit the gym to finally get that to-die-for abdominals? Of course, along with being equipped with the proper knowledge on how to perform these exercises, you also have to throw in a good amount of determination and commitment so you can achieve desirable results in as little time as possible.

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Bodyweight 1000 Circuit Workout For Fast Fat Loss

Are you ready for the bodyweight 1000? You'll be doing 1000 bodyweight repetitions in a bodyweight circuit workout for fat loss.

But hold on, not so fast. If you've haven't tried the bodyweight 250, the 501, and the 750, then make sure you go back to YouTube and find those videos and do one of those each week, finally building up to the 1000 after at least 4 weeks of training.

Now let's get ready to rumble with this bodyweight 1000 circuit. To start off this workout, you are going to do either 100 repetitions of jump rope or jumping jacks. Be sure to be explosive off the balls of your feet. For the jumping jacks, get your hands straight up over your head, making sure not to let them come out in front.

Once you have done all the repetitions for either of those exercises, you are going to do 100 close-grip push-ups. With your hands shoulder width apart, tuck your elbows into your side and perform a normal push-up.

After that, you'll move into 25 jumps followed by 25 pull-ups. For the pull-ups you want to use an overhand grip, wider than shoulder width apart. From a dead hang, pull your chin up over the bar.

Next, you'll do 100 bodyweight squats. Keep your hands out in front for balance and squat down, making sure to push your hips out and keep your back straight.

Again, you're doing all the exercises and repetitions with as little rest as possible. You can always break up the repetitions if you need to. For example, the squats can be split into chunks of 25, give yourself a quick break and then continue on. Whatever you need to do to get through the exercise, but try to take as little rest as possible.

After the bodyweight squats, you're going to head over to a wall and do 25 stick-ups. This is a nice little break after the squats. To perform this exercise correctly, be sure to place your feet six inches out from the wall, back, shoulders, arms, wrists, and butt leaning against the wall. Then tuck your elbows into your side and then lift your arms straight up over your head as much as you can. Make sure to keep your body pressed up against the wall at all times.

Once you've completed all the repetitions for the stick-ups, you'll move on to 50 bicycle crunches. So lie on the floor and perform 25 crunches per side, bring your elbow to your opposite knee.

Next, you'll do 100 push-ups. You will more than likely need to break up this exercise, but again, try to rest as little as possible.

Walking lunges is the next exercise in the Bodyweight 1000 workout. So, for this exercise you will perform 50 repetitions, 25 per side.

After that exercise your legs will be feeling a lot like jell-o and so you'll probably be happy to be doing an upper body exercise. This time it is 50 inverted rows. You will want to set the bar at hip height, take an underhanded grip, and row your chest up to the bar.

Immediately following the inverted rows, you'll move into 50 stability ball leg curls. Get down on the ground, place your heels on the ball, bridge your hips up and curl your legs back in and then out.

Next, you'll stay on the ground for another round of bicycle crunches, this time 100, 50 per side.

You're now close to the end of the Bodyweight 1000. At this point, you'll perform 50 decline push-ups. Place your feet up on a bench and your hands down on the ground in a regular push-up position. Again, break these up if you have to.

After the decline push-ups, you'll go back to performing 25 inverted rows, this time with an overhanded grip. Use a grip that is wider than shoulder width apart and bring your chest to the bar, making sure to squeeze your shoulder blades together.

Next up is 50 mountain climbers, 25 per leg. For this exercise, you want to get in the top of the push-up position, keep your abs braced and hips low, and then bring your knee up and then back down, alternating sides.

Okay, just about there now!

This time you'll perform another round of 50 bodyweight squats. You'll be pretty tired at this point, but be sure to keep good form, pushing your hips back and keeping your back straight and placing your arms out in front for balance.

After the bodyweight squats, you'll do 25 chin-ups. With your hands shoulder width apart, take an underhanded grip, and from a dead-hang position, pull your chin up over the bar.

Just one exercise to go! Very advanced individuals will be able to complete the Bodyweight 1000 in about 40 minutes. The very first time I tried this I was able to do it in 45 minutes.

Okay, so finish off strong with 100 rope skips or 100 jumping jacks. Try to stay explosive and use good form for this last exercise.

If you're able to get through that workout, then congratulations, you're probably one of the toughest, fittest people you know!

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